Class of 2020

You remain a #1 priority! We are continuing to get guidance from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and from the State Board of Education. We want to make sure you are set up to graduate on-time so that you can move onto your next adventure. Please communicate via email and google classroom with your teachers, we want to hear from you! Additionally, scholarship information and deadlines can be found in your personal finance google classroom. Also, do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Parsons, she already misses you! :) Mrs. Hawley will be sending you a more detailed letter very soon. Stay tuned!
March 18, 2020


You are never far from our thoughts! There is a lot of uncertainty with our current predicament, and in these unprecedented times, there is no playbook or past practice to guide our way. I ask that you be patient with us moving forward, and promise you transparency and our best effort to keep you informed.

Progress toward graduation: At this time, students who are currently on track to graduate need not worry that the closure itself will prevent them from earning a diploma. There is still work to be done, and it will look different than we envisioned earlier in the year, but working together as students and teachers we will move forward.  The focus will be on the content you need to meet Washington State and local graduation requirements, prioritizing:

  • English 12 (AP and Bridge)
  • CWP/Civics or AP Comparative Government and Politics
  • Culminating Project/Personal Finance
  • Math courses for those enrolled, particularly Bridge to College Math if it is being used to meet the Math assessment alternative graduation requirement.

We anticipate further guidance regarding seniors and progression toward graduation from the State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) early next week, and will update you accordingly.  Successful completion of your diploma is a priority not only for our school district, but for state officials as well.  

If you were not on track to graduate prior to the closure, there is still time and ample opportunity to work on any and all assigned credit retrieval courses.  Most of this work can be completed online via Odysseyware at anywhere you can access the internet.  If you have forgotten your user name or password, or have questions about your OdysseyWare progress, please contact me at or Elesha Johnston at for assistance.  If you are uncertain about your current graduation status, please contact me at

AP/College in the High School Courses: The show must go on.  Please keep in touch with your teachers and check Google Classroom regularly.  The College Board (the AP folks) are exploring options for AP testing, and we will update you as plans come to light.  Possibilities include delaying exams to late May/early June, or exploring online at home options. Nothing has been decided.  Our College in the High School partners EWU and CWU are still working on finalizing their plans for our programs, but the general impression is that they are committed to seeing us through the school year and securing the college credit you have all been working hard to earn.  

College Applications, Acceptances, and Scholarships: I am hearing from many institutions that deadlines are being extended, and in some cases testing requirements like SAT and ACT are being waived.  We are updating the Class of 2020 GEAR UP Google Classroom to use as a place to share information like this along with other content. Please take a look when you can and make sure you can see this group; if not, contact me to get re-added.  Mrs. Parsons has copies of your transcripts and access to your SAT scores as needed for applications and scholarships, and is willing to use her newspaper box in front of her house as a pick up point if you require a hardcopy. You may email her at, but (per her permission) are also welcome to text her at (509) 721-0458 with your request.  Please do not stop by her home without making prior arrangements. For everyone’s health and safety, all documents will be exchanged in a file folder inside of her newspaper box, and not as an in-person transaction.  If you need an electronic/pdf copy of your transcript or SAT for online submission either by you or on your behalf, please contact me. If you need letters of recommendation, please give your recommenders ample time to fulfill your request (One week to ten days prior notice preferred.)

Lastly, local scholarship deadlines remain unchanged, and all local opportunities can be found at our new website under Student Resources, Scholarships.  For those applications that are to be turned in directly to the school, a new secure mailbox has been installed by the main entrance (horseshoe side) attached to the red bench at the right of the doors.  Make sure you read the requirements for individual local scholarships - some indicate that they are to be postmarked by a certain date and sent through the US Postal Service, and others are to be received by the high school office by 3 PM on the due date.  Failure to follow these directions may cause your application to be dismissed without consideration. (And for goodness’ sake, please sign your essay on the Dale and Alice Wilson!)

I know this letter expresses a great deal of uncertainty, but I want you to feel informed, supported, and most of all, cared about.  If you have questions, please ask them. If you are feeling uncertain, reach out. Information is coming out fast and furious, and changing rapidly.  Our entire staff is here for you - double check, triple check, do not hesitate to contact us. We are in this together and we will find a way to make this work for all of us.  

Stay healthy and safe!

Alison Hawley