Reopening Schools

January 12, 2021

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians! 

We hope this letter finds you doing well and feeling excited for the endless opportunities that 2021 has in store for you and your students. As we look forward, there are approximately two weeks left in this quarter; the first half of the school year will be in the books! It is hard to believe but the class of 2021 will be walking across that stage in a little over ninety school days. With that being said, we wanted to share some important information with you about what you and your student/s can expect heading into the second half of the year.

Extending the School Day to 2:00 pm: 

We anticipate extending the school day from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

  • Students grades TK-12 would attend school “Monday - Thursday” from 8:00 am - 2:00 pm. Friday’s will continue to be remote learning days. 

  • Our kitchen staff is excited to serve hot lunch again to our students! Breakfast will continue to be served as “Grab & Go” and will be given to students each morning.   

  • Lunch and breakfast will continue to be FREE for ALL students! 

We promise to keep you posted and we wanted to give you a “heads up” regarding our planning efforts.

Eventual Elimination of Hybrid/Remote Learning Model: 

With the move to 2:00 pm on the horizon, it is time to start getting our kids back into the classroom on a more consistent basis. Governor Inslee has recently encouraged all schools in our state to reopen, and most schools in the state are moving back to in-person learning in the coming weeks and months. 

The hybrid/online learning model we initially developed was never intended to be a long-term solution. It was implemented with the intention of keeping our most at-risk students, parents, and guardians with underlying health conditions safe. Our intention has not changed in this area, as your health and safety remain our top priority and those students who have been online because of health concerns related to Covid-19 and have been successful from the beginning of this year will still have the option to remain online. Everyone else will be asked to return to in-person learning. If you have a special or unique circumstance and wish to remain fully online in the second semester of the 2020-21 school year, please reach out to either Mr. Prewitt or Miss Carstens to discuss your student’s needs moving forward, and we will do our best to work with you.    

We have learned a lot about Covid-19 since the beginning of school, and the research is pretty clear: Schools are safe, as transmission rates nationally have been less than 1% within school buildings. Research indicates the spread is so low because schools are adhering to strict health and safety guidelines of mask wearing, six feet of social distancing, and hand washing/sanitization on a regular basis. We are excited to get kids back into the classroom! 

We know that 2020 was a real challenge, and we appreciate your support as we have tried to balance the health, safety, social/emotional, and academic needs of each student while navigating the Covid-19 pandemic. 

School Based COVID-19 Testing Pilot: 

Our school district was recently selected by the Washington State Department of Health to participate in a school based COVID-19 testing pilot program. There are 11 other school districts across the state that are also involved in this pilot program.  Here are some specific details:

  • Participation is voluntary.  

  • Students who are experiencing possible COVID-19 symptoms can be tested on our school campus.  

  • Students showing symptoms will need parent/guardian permission and we are working on a "drive-thru"  system where the test can be administered in the elementary school parking lot. Families will be asked to provide insurance information and families will not have any out of pocket or co-pay costs.  We may offer testing to parents and other family members but we need to work out some specific details and we need to see how the testing for staff and students goes before we expand.

  • The test kits involve a self-administered oral swab that is much less invasive than a nasal swab. We have been informed that these oral swab tests are as reliable as the PCR nose swab tests. The tests will be conducted at school and must be observed by a trained staff member.

  • The test kits are sent via UPS to a lab and results are supposed to be provided within 24 hours after the test kits arrive at the lab. 

The COVID-19 symptom guidelines document from the Lincoln County Health Department requires that a student or staff member who is experiencing any “Class A” symptom (fever of 100.4 degrees F or higher, cough, loss of sense of taste and/or smell, or shortness of breath) or is experiencing two or more “Class B” symptoms (fatigue, headache, muscle or body aches, sore throat, congestion or runny rose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea) must be isolated from school for 10 days. This time can be shortened if a person receives a negative PCR test or if the school receives documentation of an alternative diagnosis from a healthcare provider.  Note:  if an individual has had direct exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, we must still follow the current requirements from the health department.  

If you have questions regarding this school-based testing program, please contact Mrs. Sharon Bergman at or Mr. Jim Kowalkowski at

Thank you for your continued support, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We look forward to continuing to partner with you to make the second half of the 2020-21 school year successful for each of our students!